Discipline "Fast Shooting from Various Positions"

Purpose of Exercise: Five targets - upper body silhouettes with circles.

Distance: 12 m.

Quantity of Ammunitions: 10 rounds.

Time for Shooting: 20 sec.

Number of Participants: four participants in a team.

Conditions to Carry Out the Exercise: Each competitor has to shoot at five targets situated at a distance of 12 meters from him. Each competitor has two cartridge clips - the first one loaded with six bullets and the second one - with four bullets.

The competitor stands at a starting position with the pistol in holster or under the armpit, loaded with six bullets and a second cartridge clip with four bullets in the holder of the belt.

Upon emergence of the targets, the competitor produces two shots at each target from bent-knee upright position and from lying position.

From lying position the participant rolls over, the gun pointing in the direction of the targets.

During the roll over, the competitor loads the cartridge clip and produces two shots from the front of the car and two shots from the back of the car, using a dummy model of a car for shelter.

Assessment of the Discipline: The reporting of the results from the hits in the targets is done by three referees. The result of the competitor is the sum of the hits in the targets.

Standings: The standing of the teams is determined by the sum of the points, scored by the competitors - members of the teams. The team scoring the most points takes first place.

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