Discipline "Masterful Car Driving"

Purpose of Exercise: mastering a road with obstacles.

Distance: 500 – 550 m.

Number of Participants: two participants in a team.

Time to master the route: according to the time measured by the referees.

Necessary Equipment to Carry Out the Discipline: 4-5 door cars with engine volumes up to 3 000 m3.

Conditions to Carry Out the Exercise:

The discipline is carried out in compliance with the scheme of the route with the obstacles to be mastered.

Assessment of the Discipline: The results of the discipline are reported by the time measured for each of the participants by two time-measurers. The final time is the average of the two measured times.

Standings: The ranking of the teams is determined by the sum of the times of the two competitors. The team, which has passed the route with the fastest time is ranked as the first.

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