Discipline "Shooting from a Car"

Purpose of Exercise: two targets situated at the front and rear part of the car, imitating a threat.

Distance: 10 – 15 m.

Quantity of Ammunitions: 3 rounds.

Time for Shooting: 6 sec.

Number of Participants: four participants per team divided in two groups of two men.

Conditions to Carry Out the Exercise:

A car with a driver is at a starting position at a distance of 25-30 meters from the targets. Two of the competitors are in the cars - one in front, next to the driver, and one behind the driver of the car. A referee is seated on the right hand side of the back seat and is monitoring for the safe handling of the weapons.

The guns of the competitors are loaded with three bullets and are in holsters (on the waist or under the armpit).

At the referee's command, the car starts moving towards the dummy of a vehicle behind which are hidden targets with effigies of "terrorists".

Upon appearance of the targets and at the command of the front bodyguard, the car stops at a distance of about 10-15 metres from the dummy of a vehicle.

The competitors open the doors, pull out guns from holsters, assume a lying position (sideways, on the back or face down) and produce three shots at the target from their sides. The doors of the cars are used as covers.

Assessment of the Discipline: The reporting of the results from the hits in the targets is done by three referees. The result of the competitor is the sum of the hits in the targets.

Standings: The standing of the teams is determined by the sum of the points, scored by the competitors - members of the teams. The team scoring the most points takes first place.

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